Dar AL Maarifah Tajweed Mental Slot 24*17cm

Dar AL Maarifah Tajweed Mental Slot 24*17cm

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Tajweed Quran Quraan Koran Color Coded with Uthmani Osmani Script - ?Arabic Text Mushaf, Published by Dar Al Maarifah

This copy of the Holy Qur'an clarifies its words and meanings by providing detailed explanations in the margins of the text. In this Mushaf, not in English.. letters related to the Tajweed rules are distinguished within the text by the use of colors indicating areas of slow recitation. This technique helps simplify the rules of recitation for the reader in order to encourage and facilitate correct Qur'anic recitation.

High Quality, Beautiful Hardcover book in color black or dark green, we will send randomly.

Also comes with a durable metal book slot, shining and classic.

Size: 24*17

Page: - 15 Lines each page.

Weight: 1850g