Externally USE Natural Oils 30ml - ROSMARY

Externally USE Natural Oils 30ml - ROSMARY

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Cantains Bitter and other constipating material.


It contains pitter and sonsipating materials, and because its poisonous effects, it must be externally applied.


Prevent hair loss

Helps to get rid of mouth vaporization, mouth bad smell.

Used for cleaning the complexion and the granular conjunctivas infected eyes.

Used for other skin beautification purpose, bile secretion.

General invigorators

Virtual use only


Used to mouth washing,?Add a teaspoon to half cup of warm water.

Use of the hair, apply on hair after wash.

Use of the skin, Massage used in a circular motion to stimulate the circulatory systematized the removal of wrinkled.

Store in a dry cool place away from sun, heat and light.