Hijama 6 Cups Medical Vacuum Body Cupping

Hijama 6 Cups Medical Vacuum Body Cupping

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Vacuum cupping, easy to carry, easy operation,is a good choice for your family. It fits to activating blood circulation and tissue regeneration reducing the swelling and assuage pain dispelling wind & dispersing cold, smoothing joints coordinating the function of vital energy and blood,widely applying in hospital and family health care for its safety Easy curing symptoms.


Material: plastic

Size:68mm(outer diameter) x 8.8mm,3.5mm(outer diameter) x 6.3mm


Package Included:

1 x68mm (Outer diameter) Cups

1 x60mm (Outer diameter) Cups

1 x52mm (Outer diameter) Cups

1 x 45mm (Outer diameter) Cups

1x 34mm (Outer diameter) Cups

1x 20mm (Outer diameter) Cups

1 x Air Pump