Islam and the West

Islam and the West

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There is no doubt that Muhammad Asad formerly known as Leopold Weiss was the most influential European Muslim of the 20th century. No one else has contributed more intellectual input to Islamic thought and no other European Muslim arrived at his command of Arabic and the fundamental sources of Islam, the Qur’an and the Sunnah. As a cultural critic - par excellence - he not only analyzed the dramatic moral and epistemological shortcomings of the West but also the motivating forces behind the overall dramatic decline of the Muslim world, pre- and post- colonization. Thus Asad built bridges between the East and the West. In this capacity his vast contribution is as modern and relevant as it was half a century ago when there was not so much misunderstanding and anxiety worldwide about Islam. It is therefore most useful to become reacquainted with Muhammad Asad’s perspective on Islam and the West.

Prof. Safwat Mustafa Halilovic

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