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Ahmad Tea

Khoisan Gourmet Rooibos Natural Organic

Khoisan Gourmet Rooibos Natural Organic

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The rooibos tea is grown on Khoisan Gourmet's plantations outside Cape Town. The teas are often called "South Africa's red gold" and the increased interest in health and well-being has made Rooibos tea immensely popular. Rooiboste Naturell has a powerful and fruity taste which is a result of the fermentation process that the tea leaves go through after they are harvested. Enjoy a cup at any time during the day, the tea contains no caffeine so it can be drunk both morning and evening. It's rich in antioxidants and contains no flavor enhancers or preservatives – you don't need it when you're working with the real thing! The tea is organic and each bag is individually packed for the best taste experience in every cup!

Naturally caffeine-free
Rich in antioxidants

Organic Rooibos

20 teabags/50g

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