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Natural Oils 30ml - CAMOMILE

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Anthemic acid, Characterized by the blue colour alpha bisabol compound


Chamazulene & Alpha bisabol substances are considered important antiseptic substances found in the chamomile as they are used in cleaning wounds and burns for its ability in killing bacteria and harmful fungi.


General antiseptic for sweat throat eyes nad teeth

Treatment of gastro intestinal canal at flatulence

Strengthens blood activites blood circulation stimulates appetite hypothermia in cases of fever as it acts on relasting aweat

Catment stressed nevers and insomnia

Treatment of rheumatic and never pains as welt as vertebra pains

Nourishes and sottenskin removes freckles

Sparkles hair and treat itch

Dissolves pebbles (Stone) and activates kidney


Applicated externally as an antiseptic.

Also used as a drink ointment for treating joints reduces temperature. One teaspoon on any warm drinks of fresh juice.

It is preferred to tack the oils separately or with honey, fresh juice, warm drinks(1 hour before meal)

Store in a dry cool place away from sun, heat and light.