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Natural Oils 30ml - GINGER

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Contains volatile oil of camphene, Linalool starch and gluey substance

Gingerol substance

Zinerone: the hot tast lies in such two substances


The importance of camphene and Linalool lies in increasing the salvia so it is used as a mitigated in cases of pharyngolaryngitis

As a stimulator a carminative in casea of flatulence and colic.


As a sudorific in cases of flu and cough

Used in the cases of indigestion a carminative

Useful in the cases of colic

As an appetizer


One small spoon with warm drink morning and evening as am ointment in the cases of flu and cough

It is preferred to tack the oils separately or with honey, fresh juice, warm drinks(1 hour before meal)

Store in a dry cool place away from sun, heat and light.