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Natural Oils 30ml - Mint

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Chitinous compound CarvonMentol & Menthon consiste of Sinod & Kadenin and Limonen


Mentol: Has high ability in relieving headache

Carrone:anaesthetic substance for colic & cramps

Menthon: sinoid-kadenin & Limonene works on circulating urinary system & vomiting and kills worms.


Treat catarrh and cold and coughs

tranquilizer for throat, breast inflammations

Cramps & nerve disturbance

Relieves pain of menstruation period and kidney colic

Activates stomach as well as gall bladder lives secretion

Relieve pain results from blocking of hepato-pancrestic duct


Half tea spoon diluted with a warm tea or a lamp of sugar

Half tea spoon added to boiling water & used nasally in cases of influenza

It is preferred to tack the oils separately or with honey, fresh juice, warm drinks(1 hour before meal)

Store in a dry cool place away from sun, heat and light.