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Quran Reading Pen 20*14 8G

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Product Features:

- The Quran can be read word by word & sentence by sentence.

- Big standard size of 20CM X 14CM X 3CM.

- Point the Pen on Ayah or Surah of your choice (only the Printed Quran included) and start listening.

- Complete Quran in voices of 18 famous Reciters namely:?

Al-Suadais & Al-Shuraim,?Al-Menshawi, Al-Ghamidi,?Al-Ajimy, Abdul-Basit,?Al-Hudhaify, Al-Afasy,?Al-Parheezgar, Al-Shateri,?Hussary, Al-Marud,?Maher Al-Muaigy, Muhammad-Ayyoub,?Muhammad-Jibreel, Muhammad Al-Tablaway,?Hani Rifai, Abdullah Basfar, Ibrahim Al-Akdar.

- Beautifully printed ?Quran (Othmanic Style).

- Option to store Other Qari/Reciter Audio, Dua, Adhan, Nasheed (File format: MP3) as optional in the pen via USB cable.Also include Quran Tafseer, Hadeeth Bukhari and talking dictionary.

- Sahih Al-Bukhari:?It Includes more 6,000 Hadith when you point the pen, it can explain to you each in Arabic.

- Teacher book includes:

A New Method of Learning?The noble Quran, Through Pronunciation & Speech and Parts 30 (With a Brief Explanation taken from the Pious Ancestors: Al-Baghawi, Ibn Kathir, As-Sa'di & Others).

Product Specifications:

- Built in 8G system memory.

- OID2 code technology.

- Lithium battery built in.

- Pointing Quran Surah or Ayah to recite .

- reciter voices and translating voices can be chosen in the book.

- Another 5 reciter voices and translating voices optional in a separate card.

- It will automatically power off if not use for 3 minutes.

- Mini USB port,can connect with computer for new Holy Quran Book with 8 color books.

- The Quran can be read word by word & sentence by sentence.

- The Quran Book in big standard size of 20CM X 14CM X 3CM.

- The Quran Book in 8 color printing include golden color..

- The Quran Book include indexes and 640 pages in total.

- With 2 "Continue Reading" icons inside the book, you can choose to recite the whole page or Surah.

- Has "Story and Question" icons inside the book.

- Has "Tafseer" icon that why Allah say this verse.

- Has "Repeat, Record and Volume Control" icons inside the book.

- Has the copyright of the book from Syria and copyright for reciting & translating voices, in high quality.

- Multilingual talking dictionary with the following languages:

Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai,?Turkish, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, and Japanese.

- 22 Audio translations in the following languages, only 4-5 Languages can be installed in 8G pen.

English, French, Persian, Chinese, Urdu, Spanish, Portuguese, Kurdish, Bahasa Malay, Turkish, Russian, Bahasa Indonesia, Thai, German, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Pushtu, KyrgyzstanBengali.