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Ahmad Tea

Ahmad Herbal Tea. Detox 20 teabags

Ahmad Herbal Tea. Detox 20 teabags

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The Ahmad Tea Detox Blend offers a balance of 100% natural ingredients, working together to create an invigorating blend, to keep you focused throughout the day. In line with this, the Detox Blend is a caffeine free pick-me-up, with no artificial flavours or sweeteners.

The ingredients are therefore rich in natural goodness, filled with earthy nutrients and mineral. With a perfect mix of tasty Blackcurrant and the fragrant scent of Dandelion and Rosemary.

Try the Detox Blend for a delicious infusion of raw, natural flavours.Does not contain caffeine. Brewing should take approximately 5 minutes.Tea bags with strings, individually foil wrapped, allow preserving the tea flavour and aroma.

Ingredients: Fennel 14%, Peppermint 14%, Birch leaves 13%, Rosemary 13%, Dandelion root 11%, Dandelion herb 11%, Nettle leaves 10%, Ginger root 10%, Sweet Blackberry Leaves 4%.

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