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Ahmad Tea

Ahmad Tea Black Fruit Tea. Cinnamon Haze 20bags

Ahmad Tea Black Fruit Tea. Cinnamon Haze 20bags

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Ahmad Tea Ahmad Tea is a member of the United Kingdom Tea Council Ahmad Tea is proud to belong to the Ethical Trade Partnership (ETP) and continue our commitment to sourcing our teas in a responsible way Ahmad Tea of London draws upon knowledge and experience gained from three generations of family activity in all areas of the tea trade from plantations to blending and packaging. The name of Ahmad Tea is synonymous with the very finest teas. The company was established with the belief that our reputation must be founded on the quality of our teas. The commitment to quality remains today. It is reflected in the image, branding, and packaging of the entire Ahmad Tea product range and has led to sales in more than seventy counties, spanning across five continent's. Tea drinking in Britain was established in the 17th century. Since then, it has been an integral part of the way of life. British firms have also been at the heart of the global tea trade. Today, Ahmad Tea of London upholds this heritage with superb English teas that are enjoyed by discerning tea drinkers all over the world. Ahmad Tea products are subject to rigorous quality control procedures from tea bush to the factory.

The warming and spicy flavors of the cinnamon add an exotic rich note to this fine black tea blend.Brewing should take approximately 3-5 minutes. Flavoured black tea with cinnamon pieces. Tea bags with strings, individually foil wrapped, allow preserving the tea ,flavor and aroma.

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