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Garant Swedish Ecological Honey 350g

Garant Swedish Ecological Honey 350g

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Swedish honey. Frost patterns in the can can occur during cool storage, which is a sign of low water content and high quality. Over time, honey softens at room temperature. Cool storage gives a firmer honey.
Organic honey. Good in tea, baking or cooking, 350 grams.

Contents declaration

INGREDIENTS: Honey*. *Organic raw material.


Origin of honey: Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria.

Country of manufacture

European Union

per 100 grams

energy 1360 kilojoules
energy 320 kilocalories
fat 0.1 gram
of which saturated fat 0 grams
carbohydrate 79 grams
of which sugars 79 grams
protein 0.5 grams
salt 0.02 grams

Children under 1 year should not eat honey.

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