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Natural Indian Costus Root Powder Qust Al Hindi 100g

Natural Indian Costus Root Powder Qust Al Hindi 100g

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Qust Al Hindi is known to be very beneficial for treating many health problems in guidance with Prophetic Medicine from The Quran and Sunnah.

Ummu Qays bint Mihsan said: I heard the Messenger of Allah - صلى الله عليه وسلم - say:

“It is upon you to use ‘Al ‘Uood al Hindee’ [i.e. Qist/Costus], for indeed it contains seven cures; it is inhaled through the nostrils to relive throat aches/tonsillitis and placed in the sides of the mouth for the relief of Dhaat al Janb” [Collected by Bukhari and Muslim.]

Disclaimer: The information given by Arabian Jewels is intended for educational purposes only. We cannot take any responsibility for any side effects, issues with using this product. 

Al Imam Ahmad and the authors of the Sunnan collected a Hadeeth on the authority of Jaabir that the Messenger of Allah - صلى الله عليه وسلم – said:

If a child is inflicted with tonsillitis or a headache, then let his mother take al Qist al Hindee, scrub it with water and let him inhale it as droplets through his nostrils.

It is understood from this Hadeeth that it is a cure for all pains, al Qist al Hindi is used when hot medicine is needed for treatment, and al Bahri was described as milder, because al Hindee is hotter than al Bahri as has already been explained.

His statement:

For indeed it has seven cures...

In this Hadeeth, only two types of cures were mentioned and not seven, so either the narrator sufficed himself with mentioning only two while all seven were mentioned by the Messenger, or the Messenger mentioned only two due to being the only two of the seven in existence at the time. The second possibility seems to be stronger as will be explained shortly.

Doctors have mentioned that from the benefits of al Qist are:

It eases the menstrual flow.

It eases the flow of urine.

It kills worms in the bowels.

It repels poison.

It repels fever.

It heats the stomach.

It increases sexual desire.

It removes facial spots.
Ingredienser:  Naturligt indiskt Costus rotpulver
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