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Nestle NAN Pro 4 - 800g Tin

Nestle NAN Pro 4 - 800g Tin

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NAN Pro 4 is a milk drink specially developed for children from 15 months. NAN Pro 4 can be used instead of cow's milk as part of a varied diet.

NAN Pro 4 not only contains less protein and saturated fat, but also iron and vitamins in an appropriate amount for your child's age. It contains the essential long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids omega 3 (DHA) and omega 6 (ARA) which support normal growth and development in young children. It is also enriched with calcium, vitamin D and iron which contribute to normal cognitive development in children, and is important for the normal development of the child's skeleton.

NAN Pro 4 can be an alternative to a mealtime drink to ensure that your child gets the right nutrition.
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