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Ahmad Tea

Pukka Breathe In 20 tea bags

Pukka Breathe In 20 tea bags

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Pukka Breathe In is an herbal tea that may help clear your senses with a refreshing inhalation. The tea has a refreshing aroma of mint and eucalyptus, a warming sensation of ginger and soothing hints of honey.

Pukka's Breathe In tea contains essential oils and high-quality organic ingredients, specially selected for their unique properties. Refreshing mint and eucalyptus work synergistically, while the ginger warms you from the inside and the honey gives the tea a sweetness and a smooth finish. A tea that you might enjoy smelling as much as drinking.

The tea is naturally caffeine-free.

Compostable tea bags.

Ingredients: Field mint (28%), eucalyptus (23%), ginger (15%), lemon thyme (13.5%), licorice root, anise seed, mallow, honey aroma (3%), essential aroma from peppermint oil (1.5%). Naturally caffeine-free, 100% organically grown and ethically produced ingredients.

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