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Portable USB Incense Burner

Portable USB Incense Burner

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Bakhoor Burner.

Quick Start Guide

1. Fully charge the product before 1st time use.

2. Open the outlet at the front.

3. Place mesh sheet.

4. Place Bakhoor, Keep bakhoor oiliest size away from the heating element for better smoke quality.

5. Close the outlet.

6. Locked-cover-switch.

7. Double Press, power on intermittently, press three times continue to boot. Wait 90 seconds for smoke to start.

8. Product automatically switches off after 1:30 Min.

9. After 1:30 Min use, the product will cool down for 30 seconds.

10. Be careful when opening the outlet, the remaining bakhoor and ceramic can still be hot.


Small pieces bakhoor reduce the heating up time.

Do not over-fill or pack bakhoor too tight to restrict the airflow and reduce the smoke production.

Color is varies.

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