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Ahmad Tea

Yogi Tea Green Tea Matcha Lemon Teabags 30.6g

Yogi Tea Green Tea Matcha Lemon Teabags 30.6g

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This tea derives its refreshing karma from Ayurvedic herbal enjoyment and Buddhist green tea craftsmanship. Fine green teas are crowned with matcha and combined with lemongrass and lime to create a wonderful taste experience. The valuable matcha powder is created in a complex process from exquisite tencha leaves, which are shaded before harvesting and thus develop their mild taste.
The tea for anyone who wants to refocus.

Pour 250 ml of boiling water over the tea bag and let it steep for about 5-7 minutes (longer for a stronger taste).

Ingredients: Green tea* (Tencha*, Sencha*, Matcha*), lime*, licorice*, lemongrass*, peppermint*, black pepper*, dried lemon juice*, guarana*, lemon oil*, lemon verbena*, lemon peel*, ginger* .
*controlled organic cultivation

Contains licorice - excessive consumption of this product should be avoided if you have high blood pressure.

Yoga exercise to find your balance
Stretch your legs out in front of you and rest your arms on the floor behind you to find stability. As you inhale, lift your left leg and right arm at the same time and lower them with the Austman. With the next inhalation, lift the other two limbs. Continue alternating for 3 minutes.

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